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Wine Sense Back CoverWine Sense is now available in hardcover, paperback and a variety of EBook formats.  To immediately order your copy, click here for a choice of options!

Wine Sense is 320 pages, has 22 Chapters and is broken into four Parts:

  • Part One:  Wine and the Senses
  • Part Two:  How Wine Interacts with the Senses
  • Part Three:  Enhancing Your Wine Drinking Experiences
  • Part Four:  Where to Next?

Part 1: Wine and the Senses provides an overview and framework for understanding how wine interacts with the senses and why this can be pleasurable.  Part 2: How Wine Interacts with the Senses provides a thorough explanation of how wine interacts with each sense to heighten your wine drinking experience.  Part 3: Enhancing Your Wine Drinking Experiences offers a a simple approach and pragmatic tips to ensure your wine drinking is as enjoyable as it can be.  Then Part 4: Where to Next? points you in the direction of other resources and ideas on how to continue to deepen and mature your pleasure with wine.  Here is a teaser as to its structure and content:

Table of Contents


Part One: Wine and the Senses

Chapter 1: Wine Enjoyment
Chapter 2: Role of Our Senses for Wine Enjoyment
Chapter 3: Philosophy of Primary & Secondary Senses
Chapter 4: Wine as an Aesthetic Experience
Chapter 5: Role of Language in Wine Appreciation

Part Two: How Wine Interacts with the Senses

Chapter 6: Overview of Wine & Sense Interaction
Chapter 7: Wine and Sight
Chapter 8: Wine and Smell
Chapter 9: Wine and Taste
Chapter 10: Wine and Feel
Chapter 11: Wine and Sound

Part Three: Enhancing Your Wine Drinking Experiences

Chapter 12: Improving Smell and Taste Sensations
Chapter 13: Improving Sight Sensations
Chapter 14: Improving Feel Sensations
Chapter 15: Improving Sound Sensations
Chapter 16: Other Ideas for Improving Your Wine Drinking Experience
Chapter 17: Buying and Storing Wine
Chapter 18: Wine Drinking Practice and Experience

Part Four: Where to Next?

Chapter 19: Tools & Systems for Managing Your Wine Inventory
Chapter 20: Further Wine Education
Chapter 21: Other References
Chapter 22: Final Thoughts


Appendix A: Castro’s Ten Descriptors of Odors
Appendix B: Wine Database Format and Field Listing

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