Training Services

We exist to help authors:

  1. Become more effective at writing
  2. Become independent when publishing
  3. Move into the digital age to increase brand awareness

And we do this through training by providing a variety of training approaches and disciplines suited to the way you want to learn and work. We are working hard to build out affordable, yet well-targeted training courses available via Udemy which are available at a very low price – this is a major focus for 2017. These training courses will be in the area of:

Traditional writing and publishing

  • Scrivener and Scapple
  • InDesign
  • Print and eBook formatting and publication

Filming and video production

  • Adobe Creative Cloud apps for writing and filming
  • Videoscribe
  • Camtasia

Check out our first course, Scrivener for iOS,  launched January, 2017 to great reviews!

Interested in Scrivener for iOS at lowest price possible? Click here!

And our second course Scriptwriting with Scrivener, launched January, 2018, also to great reviews!

Interested in Scriptwriting with Scrivener at lowest price possible? Click here!

Additional courses planned over next few months include:

  • Scrivener 3.0 Essentials: targeted for release when Scrivener 3.0 is released in 2018
  • Becoming a Romance Writer: targeted for mid-2018

We also offer more specific and targeted training and consulting services for both traditional publishing and building your brand by improving your video presence. And if you are uncomfortable learning and then doing it on your own, we are glad to put together a package to do it for you!

This is can be accomplished via:

  • Small group classroom training
  • Small group online training
  • 1-1 coaching and Q&A
  • …or us doing it for you if you just want to focus on your writing!

If you are interested in small group training or individual coaching on Scrivener, send us a query:


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Why invest in video training as an author?

More and more, the world is moving from the written word to the spoken word and video as the most effective method for getting your message out there. Successful authors today have an online and social media presence to promote readership and improve sales. And the technology for filming and post-editing has finally become insignificant. Yet, the investing in time to learn new skills is not. And this is an area InkIT can help!

Authors are now using voice and film for:

  • Audio books
  • Weekly podcasts
  • Video book trailers
  • Book reviews
  • Author interviews
  • Live chat

If you want to become more independent as an author, consider us for training. Or if you want us to support you by doing it for you, contact us and we will explore that togehter!

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