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InkIT Publishing is publishing and training house for ‘indie’ (independent) authors and educators / trainers.  Our focus is on writing and writing technology and processes. We want YOU to have control over what you do best, by doing what you can yourself, and using us or others to do the rest! Simply, we want to support you as an author, so you can focus on your writing and content creation. InkIT Publishing was founded by authors who are tech-savvy for writing,publishing and training. We understand the full cycle of writing and publishing, with the skills and technology necessary get you published and be successful.

Our primary focus is assisting authors by providing inexpensive, online training courses and group in-class training courses, along with one-time fees for services and ongoing support. However, we are selective on who we represent and only support a small group of writers beyond offering training.

Training News

Check out our first course, Scrivener for iOS,  launched January, 2017 to great reviews! Additional courses planned over next few months include:

  • Scriptwriting with Scrivener: targeted for release, June, 2017
  • Scrivener 3.0 Essentials: targeted for release when Scrivener 3.0 is released
  • Becoming a Romance Writer: targeted for release August, 2017

For more information about our online and in-class training course, check out our training services.

We have learned writing and publishing from the ground up, from outlining, drafting, editing, design, publishing and promotion for success.  This site is meant to encapsulate our learnings to share with you. We provide free resources so you can learn along the way and completely Do-It-Yourself (DIY) as an indie author.  That is how we learned and make those resources available to you.  We focus and help you at the intersection of writing, design and technology.


The Meaning Behind the Brand

inkit_final_logo_no_artboard_jpgThe creative writing process starts with an idea and concepts.  These have historically been recorded using pen (Ink!) and many creative artists still use ink instead of technology for their creative beginning.  It was often a solitary effort done by yourself.

Things are far different today.  Computers, and now the cloud, provide sophisticated apps and capabilities to draw upon resources never before possible.  With the right tools and IT (Information Technology) you get get the job of writing and publishing done much, much faster and with higher quality than ever before.  We want to help you take your creative writing start (Ink) and leverage the tools (IT) available today to be able to publish the highest quality material in the most efficient manner of work.  Therefore InkIT Publishing is what we call ourselves!

Our Goal

Our goal is simple: it is to provide a platform for you to become a successful writer.  The principles to support that goal are clear:

  • Help you understand and be able to able to perform all activities required for writing and publishing
  • Provide resources, control and confidence to do what you can do yourself and only involve us when necessary – we only do what you ask us to do and do not want to do yourself
  • Constantly focus on improving writing and publishing quality and efficiency.  We are continually dissecting and optimizing the writing and publishing processes
  • Be your partner, customer and service provider.  While we will charge for some services, our greatest reward is curating our knowledge and providing that to the broader writing community
  • Share and broker information and relationships to help you build your publishing and promotion street team

Ultimately, we want you to be equipped as well as possible to become the best writer you can, regardless if you go the traditional publishing route or want to be an indie author.  We help get you published quickly and inexpensively.



Over the course of our careers, we have developed a strong affinity to several apps and services that we know help writers and trainers do their job better. We have proudly been sharing our experiences with those applications. Recently, to help support keeping this site going, we have entered into a few affiliation relationships with writing and training applications and products. Most are speciality companies we have been using and promoting for years. That means that in some cases, we may earn a small commission if you have found and decided to purchase an application, product or training course, having learned about it through our site.

Be assured we only recommend products, regardless if we earn a commission or not, that we use ourselves and rate highly. Details of the products we use and recommend, regardless if we are affiliated with them or not, will soon be listed on a new page outlining the tools and services we recommend for writing, publishing and training. (Coming soon!)

Sourcing and Citing

This website provides many free resources.  Many of those resources we have built ourselves over time and through proven experience; others have been curated from centuries of efforts by others.  The resources are free for you to use and share.  However, we ask that proper sourcing of credit is provided, either to us or the original creator of the material.  We always try to citate and provide proper credit and ask you to do the same.

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