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Literature and Latte has finally announced that Scrivener 3.0 for Mac will be launched on Monday, November 20th! This is a massive upgrade in features/functionality to Scrivener. Those of you using Scrivener for iOS with Mac 2.8.2 Scrivener may be wondering though, “Will Scrivener for iOS with Mac 3.0 work together?” The answer is yes and even better than with previous versions of Mac Scrivener!

Both Scrivener for iOS and Mac 3.0 have been in the works for a long time, and the good folk at L&L designed the two platforms to work together. Moving from Mac 2.8.2 to 3.0 is seamless for Scrivener for iOS users. I have been beta testing Scrivener for iOS with Mac 3.0 beta and Windows 3.0 beta for ages and Scrivener for iOS handles both the current Scrivener project structure and the enhanced 3.0 project structure. Therefore, Scrivener for iOS with Mac 3.0 works even better than it did previously with 2.8.2 because it automatically picks up on much of the new 3.0 functionality. There is nothing you need to do! Here are some of the Mac 3.0 features that make Scrivener for iOS better.

Mac 3.0 Automatic Quit

One of the nice features I wrote about earlier that will help you sync better with iOS is the Automatic Quit feature with 3.0. You no longer have to worry about if you logged out or not at work and then using Scrivener from home as Scrivener 3.0 now will automatically log you out according to the time you have set for it.

Custom-Defined Icons Using Emoji

I have also written previously about Scrivener for iOS’ ability to define your own icons using emoji. This provides you more control over defining and using metadata to help you write. Defining icons using emoji has been available for Scrivener for iOS since June, 2017.

However, the emoji would not display on Mac 2.8.2 Scrivener.  The default icons for those file types were used instead. But now Scrivener for iOS with Mac 3.0 work beautifully together, so the icons using emoji are displayed when working on the project with Mac 3.0

Paragraph Styles

The most anticipated enhancement to 3.0 has been Paragraph Styles. Most writers have been requesting this for years and it is finally here for Mac 3.0. While you cannot define new paragraph styles in Scrivener for iOS, you are able to define them on Mac 3.0, and use them when working with your project on your iPhone or iPad. They are part and parcel of the project and are available for tagging paragraphs when working with Scrivener for iOS. Therefore, if you have a paragraph style guide you commonly use, you can create a template in Mac 3.0 and sync it to Scrivener for iOS. This then allows use the paragraph style set ongoing no matter where you are working – as long as you have your phone or tablet with you.

Caption, Emphasis and Lists were always provided as basic paragraph styles for Scrivener for iOS from the date it was released, but now with Mac 3.0, you will be able to define your own set and use them for tagging paragraphs when working with the iOS version!

Scrivener for iOS with Mac 3.0 Summary

So Scrivener for iOS with Mac 3.0 is a great combination of writing apps. 3.0 has just made using Scrivener on your iOS device a whole lot better!

If you want to learn more about using Scrivener for iOS, feel free to preview and enroll in my 3- hour Scrivener for iOS training course on Udemy. Nine new lectures have recently been added on how to use Scrivener with iOS 11 and the Expanded Dock capability and split-screen mode, and on using the new iOS 11 Files App with Scrivener.  If you do sign up for the course, you are provided lifetime access and will continue to receive new lectures as they are released. This course now provides 3 full hours of training on how to use Scrivener for iOS! Click here to get the lowest price possible!

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