Writing While Mobile

Writing While Mobile

More and more, I find myself mobile and away from my desk. Sometimes it is by choice and other times, like this morning, when I was waiting for my wife to get her hair done! But now with Scrivener for iOS I can write anywhere, any time! If I think I grab back a few minutes from my busy day, I bring my iPad, my keyboard and my lap desk and I write productively using Scrivener for iOS.

Scrivener on iPad

This morning, I spent the hour reviewing and re-writing eight lectures for my upcoming training course, Scriptwriting with Scrivener. Before Scrivener for iOS, I might have spent a few minutes jotting down notes in Evernote or just checking Facebook or playing Sudoku to pass the time. However, now using Scrivener for iOS, I have reclaimed several hours a week when mobile and that has greatly improved my ability to launch new books and training courses more quickly. And that is dollars in your pocket, my friend!

Scrivener for Writing While Mobile

Working while mobile

I do 90% of my writing with Scrivener for iOS now, regardless if I am at home or mobile. And with the external keyboard and lap desk, I am as productive as I am in the office.

If you are looking for the best writing app when mobile, you should definitely consider Scrivener for iOS. And to learn how to use it in a matter of a few hours, you should definitely take this Scrivener for iOS course.

So don’t waste time when you can put it to productive use, writing when mobile with Scrivener for iOS.

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  • Jim on February 26, 2017 at 1:52 pm said:

    Hi Steve. I don’t own iPad yet but I do have iPhone, Do you find Scrivener for iOS still be good to use on iPhone? Personally I do not like to type in my iPhone because I tend to hit enter too often. So I use old iPod touch which runs older version of iOS though. I have just started to learn Scrivener 2nd day now. I have to finish my non-fiction book. I already have 30 free-writing notes worth of content. I will soon maybe get iPad mini and will have to buy your Scrivener for iOS training course on Udemy and will certainly use your discount code. Thanks.

    • shipleyaust@yahoo.com.au on February 26, 2017 at 5:00 pm said:


      That is a good question and I will do my best to answer it. I have both the iPad and the iPhone (and I have a 6S+ with a bit more real estate), so have used the iPhone for (1) editing, and (2) outlining my initial work in the Binder. I do my drafting of each chapter or section on my iPad. The main difference is that the iPAd screen layout has botht eh Binder side-bar and the Editor on the screen at the same time (when in horizontal position), while the iPhone only fits either the Binder or the Editor on the screen at once and you need to toggle back-and-fort. This should not be a problem if you are comfortable with your structure and what you are doing. I think the iPhone (large size) can work for all, but given I have both I prefer using the iPad. I used to have an iPad mini which was great for content consumption, but a year ago went to the iPad PRo 9.7 to get a larger screen. However, given the great resolution of the current mini, it should wrk well for writing with Scrivener. With my mini though, I used a case / keyboard combination which was undersized as far as the keyboard went. What I use for my iPHone and iPad now is a separate Logitech K480 keyboard which is a full-sized keyboard. This has really helped when typing for either device. I do not carry the full-sized keyboard around with me, and use the device keyboard for editing when I am out and about, but if you are at home or can bring the K480 or similar device with you, you should be fairly effective working on Scrivener on the iPhone. For me, the full-sized external keyboard though is a must. I hope that helps.

      Scrivener will run on iOS 9 or higher, so it works well even on an old iPad 2. BTW, the coupon expires end of February, so either need to use it very soon (once you sign up for the course, you have lifetime access with Udemy; I have bought a number of courses I know I am not going to take for a year or two, but wanted to take advantage of a special deal). However, if you do not get around to it, reach out to me later and I will see what I can do with a future promotion for you to use. Thanks for the inquiry!

      • Jim on February 28, 2017 at 11:07 am said:

        I was wondering what keyboard you are using. I took a look at the previews of your course and now want to ask if you ever use iPhone screenshots in the course or is it all iPad? I am thinking to get ipad though. And I keep wanting to buy the app and try with my iPhone. Although i am concerned with syncing issue I read in the iTunes reviews about the app. Now I dare to ask another question: does Scrivener for iOS have syncing issues and if yes, how to go about it? Thank you for your answers. Really appreciate it.


        • shipleyaust@yahoo.com.au on February 28, 2017 at 5:38 pm said:


          My course is about 80% iPad and 20% iPhone where the iPhone is different. For the 80% iPad screen shots, the majority of features / function is identical with the iPhone, and where it is different (the remaining 20%), I have presented how to do it differently with the iPhone. Opening a project is the same, but slightly different, syncing is the same, but slightly different, and switching between the Binder and Editor is different. The differences for opening a file and syncing are only the location of the buttons to do so, given teh smaller real estate. If you only plan to use the iPhone, my course is just as useful as if you were using an iPad or both, but a majority of the screen shots (the 80% I mentioned) are of iPad, but could just have easily been the iPhone. I use the keyboard with both BTW.

          I have seen some people in the Facebook Scrivener Users community who only use the iPhone exclusively. Since you mentioned it, I have been thinking about it and it is certainly useable in my mind. It just may require more scrolling of the binder for more complex project structures and a little bit more switching between the binder and the editor. But this is with my 6S+ and I have not tried it on a smaller iPhone.

          Regarding syncing, there should be no issues whatsoever. Dropbox is very strong and the Scrivener people have added a very strong layer of conflict resolution on top of that. I have never had a problem since they launched Scrivener for iOS. In very early beta testing and when trying to intentionally break it, I did encounter a few issues, but this was when I was intentionally keeping multiple devices open at once and also not letting it finish syncing on one machine while syncing on another. And even then it is self-correcting. If there is a problem, it is caused by Dropbox, not Scrivener, and all you need to do is close and re-open Dropbox to reset pointers and it will complete syncing. Scrivener is so strong in terms of background saving on all platforms, creating back-up versions automatically, and with syncing, that I have never had an issue with ever losing any work. The few times I have seen people mention something like they lost work, it has almost invariably been because they moved something into a Folder they were unaware of, or did not actually sync at all, before moving to another devices to use Scrivener. Scrivener’s syncing capability is excellent and not a worry. One of my lectures has details on syncing plus helpful tips and Literature and Latte have a detailed post on how to sync properly also.

          BTW, you are asking all the right questions and thinking about the right issues! Well done.

          • Jim on March 2, 2017 at 4:01 am said:

            Hi Steve. i have installed the app on iPhone and bought your course. I will ask more questions inside the program.

          • shipleyaust@yahoo.com.au on March 2, 2017 at 5:22 am said:

            Thanks Jim! Please share your experiences on iPhone as you continue to use it.

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